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Apostille Legalisation

Legalisation (Apostille) is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a UK public document is genuine.

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Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates are full length copies and can be used for official purposes.

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Marriage Certificate

Good Morning, Welcome to UK Official Records !

This site exists to help you obtain a Birth, Death or Marriage certificate as quickly and as easily as possible.

Marriage Certificate

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The information below refers to the text of a United Kingdom (UK) Marriage Certificate from England and Wales. There may be some variance with other English and Welsh marriage certificates. Other British marriage certificates issued in Scotland and Northern Ireland will also vary.

Certified copy of an entry of Marriage Given at the General Register Office

Marriage Solemnized at (Register Office or Religious building such as a church or a private building) in the (Registration District) of (Registration County)

Column 1 - When married

Column 2 - Name and Surname of bride and groom.

Column 3 - Age

Column 4 - Condition (e.g. Bachelor/Spinster or Widow/Widower)

Column 5 - Rank or profession

Column 6 - Residence at the time of marriage

Column 7 - Father's Name and Surname

Column 8 - Rank or profession of Father

Married in the (e.g. Parish Church, or Baptist Church, The Catholic Church) according to the Rites and Ceremonies of (The Established Church, the Baptists, the Roman Catholics, respectively).

This marriage was solemnized between us (Bride and Grooms signature. If either party were illiterate, it would be recorded as 'The mark of _________'

In the presence of us (the two witnesses and possibly the Registrar or the cleric who is completing the registration)

Certified to be a true copy of an entry in the certified copy of a register of Marriages in the Registration District of (Registration District) Given at the GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE, under the Seal of the said Office, the (Number) Day of (Month) (Year)

This certificate is issued in pursuance of section 65 of the Marriage Act 1949. Sub-section 3 of that section provides that any certified copy of an entry purporting to be sealed or stamped with the seal of the General Register Office shall be received as evidence of the marriage to which it relates, without any further or other proof of the entry, and no certified copy purporting to have been given in the said Office shall be of any force or effect unless it is sealed or stamped as aforesaid.